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 All ClanWars ||SFP|| Has Played 2008

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All ClanWars ||SFP|| Has Played 2008 Empty
PostSubject: All ClanWars ||SFP|| Has Played 2008   All ClanWars ||SFP|| Has Played 2008 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 25, 2007 11:25 pm

~Clan Wars 2008~

1.4.08||SFP|| VS RC Result WON

30.3.08||SFP|| VS WAL Result WON

24.3.08 ||SFP|| VS ETA Result WON

22.3.08||SFP|| VS GTF Result WON

17.3.08 ||SFP|| VS FTP Result LOST

14.3.08||SFP|| VS WoF Result WON

13.3.08||SFP|| VS BLOW Result WON

8.3.08 ||SFP|| VS FTP Result WON

5.3.08 ||SFP|| VS GISP Result WON

5.3.08 ||SFP|| VS ETA Result WON

1.3.08 ||SFP|| VS KOS13 Result WON

1.3.08 ||SFP|| VS uNUSUAL Result WON

12.2.08 ||SFP|| VS WcF Result WON

12.2.08 ||SFP|| VS TF Result LOST

12.2.08 ||SFP|| VS SGs Result WON

7.1.08 ||SFP|| VS CoB Result LOST

30.1.08 ||SFP|| VS Pirates Result WON

26.1.08 ||SFP|| VS USSR Result WON

26.1.08 ||SFP|| VS GSR Result WON

15.1.08 ||SFP|| VS Blow Result WON
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All ClanWars ||SFP|| Has Played 2008
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